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this is an image of a fake snow fort with animals in the front and on the outside
Igloo {just a pic - no directions} With a little work, this would be the perfect addition to the polar animals unit in the classroom!
a birthday cake with captain america decorations on it
Avenger's Birthday Cake
Avenger's Birthday Cake - An Avenger's Cake I made for a 4 year old little boys birthday. Hard to come up with something different than what's out there, but I think I accomplished that with the Hulk hands on the Avenger's Logo.
a black and white cake with pink feathers on top
Feestelijke taarten galerij
Een fraaie Sweet 16 taart met tijger en zebra print en knalroze veren
there is a blue cake with white shark and colorful decorations on it's side
Feestelijke taarten galerij
Blauwe taart met zeethema en geboetseerde haai.
an igloose cake with penguins and polar bears
Feestelijke taarten galerij
Taart met geboetseerde pinguins, een iglo en ijsjes.
a birthday cake decorated with a clown face and lots of sprinkles on it
Feestelijke taarten galerij
Bumba Kiekebo taart met confetti.
a birthday cake made to look like the captain america movie is for someone's little boy
Childrens Birthday Cakes - Super Hero Cake
a three tiered cake decorated with batman and spiderman
Super hero cake Mason's choice!
a three tiered cake decorated with superheros and captain america on the top layer
Super Hero Cake 4 tier
super hero cake
a birthday cake made to look like the avengers's hulk - up costume is on display
kick ass kakes
Avengers/superhero cake. Would love a cake like this, but I am far too ambitious in comparison to my minimal DIY skills...
a birthday cake that has been decorated to look like the character spider - man on it
Superhero cake.
a cake in the shape of a hat with a superman symbol on top, sitting in a cardboard box
Superhero Cake
a birthday cake decorated to look like the superheros are coming out of the city
Diego's Superhero Themed Cake
Diego's Superhero Themed Cake - CMNY Cakes
a birthday cake made to look like a man sitting on top of a computer keyboard
Computer Cake
Computer Cake, via Flickr.
there is a cake that has been decorated to look like a sun on it's side
Cake explosion tutorial
Cake explosion tutorial - by DollybirdBakes @ CakesDecor.com - cake decorating website