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Lots of clever kitchen gadgets that you would actually use! Great gift ideas.

Make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier with this list of clever gadgets. You’ll never know most of these gadgets even existed. Navigate through the list by using the arrows at the top of the post. To see all 50 genius kitchen gadgets, visit .

The World's First 3D Printing Pen - Hammacher Schlemmer Oh, my, gosh, the possibilities! My mind is literally bursting!

This is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings.

Pet Plant lets plants express themselves....then I would be able to keep them alive. :)

Pet Plant: this high tech pot reads soil for nutrients, humidity, and temperature. Then the LCD screen displays a face showing how the plant 'feels'. This would probably be the only way to keep a plant alive under my care.

Get ALL the hair out of your hairbrush with one fell swoop of the hand. | 33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life

I like the cheese cloth idea better, this rubber thing looks hard to put back in. If you like this brush, Here's a cheap DIY. put some cheese cloth on the brush and when it's full of hair just pull it off. - But seriously, whoever invented this brush is a

Yep. You can now put your face on a bread. or see this too - A Waterproof Splashtablet Case sticks to Cabinets, or Shower! A great #giftidea at $41.95 w/Free EXPEDITED Shipping at or on Order Today!

Selfie Toaster: Eat Your Face. All you have to do is upload your selfie and fork over 75 bucks. Vermont will then use Photoshop and a CNC plasma cutter to “transfer” your face from the photo onto a metal plate, which is then fitted into the toaster.