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a wooden table topped with lots of cut out letters and diced fruits on top of it
Concreet materiaal koppelen:beginklank en letter, materiaal kan aangepast worden aan thema
a collage of photos with letters and numbers on it, including an alphabet box
DIY Mini Montessori Alphabet Box for Preschoolers | Stir The Wonder
an alphabet sorting box with letters and numbers in it on a wooden table next to the words our alphabet sorting box
7 Wonderful Word Building Activities - Childhood101
a coloring page with four colored pencils in front of it
Kleur op code kerst tweeklank
a red and white poster with the words euu in different languages, including one for each
Kern 6 / Veilig Leren Lezen / Groep 3 |
Kern 6 / Veilig Leren Lezen / Groep 3 |
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Montessori Pink Series Reading Work
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