Blood cr

Blood cr

Hai i'm a pleb that likes anime alot. :v
Blood cr
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Two of my favorite animes in one! Yay!<<< THE TRASH SHALL BURN IN THE…

Both of you should rot in hell but I feel like you guys would just feel at home there.

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Kamukura Izuru/#1637186 - Zerochan

Omg this totally suits the guy but come on Izuru at least bother trying to put some effort in when it comes to smiling

[Danganronpa] Nagito Komaeda

Heyo everyone! I'm kinda bored so I decided to do some Danganronpa x … Fanfiction

im gonna getcha

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Okay. I know Spike doesn't like alternate endings, but I wish their was another…

I know Spike doesnt like alternate endings, but I wish their was another ending for Komaru falling into despair.