Buffalo Bison, Musk Ox, Gaur. etc

The other bovines I love.
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Beefalo and Buffalo in the Texas Hill Country
Ride a Yak


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African Water Buffalo.


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Moma Musk Ox and calf.

Musk Ox

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an adult bison is standing in the grass
a herd of bison standing on top of a snow covered field with blue sky in the background
a small black animal standing on top of a grass covered field in the rain with trees behind it
a bison with large horns standing next to a wooden fence
an image of a bison running in the grass
a bison walking in the snow with trees in the backgrouds behind it
an animal with long horns and yellow flowers on its head
an adult bison and its baby grazing in a field
a herd of cattle laying down in the grass with horns on their heads and long horns
an adult bison nuzzles its baby in the grass while standing next to it
Cuteness overload!
Moma Musk Ox and calf.
an adult bison standing next to a baby buffalo
The Bronx Zoo have a breeding program for Bison. The line is pure. No domesticated cattle in their blood!