Kid's Birthday Party idea... Im going to use this for our bug badge and snack badge fun day for girl scouts all in one!!

Very Hungry Caterpillar party food, perfect kids sized sandwiches! I'm just loving the Hungry Caterpillar party idea.

Creative way to turn ordinary cheese sticks into Map Cheese Sticks! #Dora #NickJr

Urban Spehar Dora the Explorer Birthday Party - map cheese sticks I know this is a real party theme.but after having kids and knowing all about Dora, the string cheese as "Map" cracked me up!

Gabriel's Good Tidings: Dora Birthday Party Menu

The food for our Dora Birthday Party was fairly simple- the party was at 2 pm, so I didn't have plans to feed lunch or dinner, but I knew.

Smurf Party Food Ideas | ThePartyAnimal-Blog

Lets talk about some Smurf Party Food Ideas for your Smurfs Birthday Party. I am going to share with you lots of fun Smurfy Treats for inspiration right here !

Okay, next time our friend Nathan is in Canada, (I know you're on here!) I'm totally making the blueberry cookie monster for him! ;)

Sesame street themed fruit and veggie trays! Sesame street themed fruit and veggie trays!

birthday #food For more amazing pictures visit:

oreo on a stick Nom Nom Nom Oreos ON A STICK! Oreos on a stick food idea. Great for the office Birthday Party instead of cake!

hungry caterpillar cake  erin_chinneth hungry caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar This is way too cute! Wish I had thought of doing an Eric Carle/Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party!

6 Fairy Princess Recipes For Little Girls | Party Food Recipes | Fairy Parties - Family eating

6 fairy princess recipes for little girls

For fun birthday party food ideas, check out these fairy princess recipes for girls. These cupcakes and sweets are perfect for fairy princess parties.