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an ornate ceiling with paintings on it in a large room filled with people and windows
Baptistry of Saint John, Florence Italy
an aerial view of a building with people around it
X. It’s what’s happening
the top of an old building with many windows
ISA Italy Study Abroad
the interior of an ornate building with paintings on it's ceiling and windows above
Battistero di San Giovanni. by Terence Kong / 500px
an old building with many paintings on the ceiling
a house on top of a cliff with a glass window above it and the ground below
a minimalist glass cabin hovers over a cliff edge, by yakusha design
teetering over a rocky cliff edge, the concept imagines an exposed holiday home for a surfer.
a house on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with an open balcony above it
an old stone gazebo with moss growing on it
Bridge to Terebithia by junoknight on DeviantArt
Garden Pavilion in Quinta da Regaleira Palace, Sintra, Portugal : My favourite place to visit in Portugal, it's like a real life Lothlórien.
an unusual house on top of a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean with glass walls and windows
Esta CABAÑA de cristal en Portugal desafía la ley de la gravedad
an old building with ornate carvings on the front door
Portal to the Unfinished Chapels Batalha II sepia
an instagram photo taken from the top of a cliff with waves crashing on it
the inside of a wooden structure with curved stairs
Convento de Cristo Portugal - Architecture + Historical Atmosphere = Don't miss it!