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Faith in humanity..... Restored

Magic Kingdom Security Guard Said To The Little Girl, "Excuse Me Princess, Can I Have Your Autograph?" His Book Was Filled With Children's Scribbles. :) The Little Girl Couldn't Get Over The Fact That He Thought She Was A Real Princess! How Sweet!

This restores my faith in humanity…

Faith In Humanity Restored- make a difference in someone's life each day. Sometimes just a smile & a "Hi" for someone makes them feel special.

Faith In Humanity Restored - 21 Pics - Dump A Day

Faith in humanity restored. If only people actually responded this way to kindness. I hope this story is true and the boys life was changed, but what about the others?

This is so beautiful.....

Very sad, but amazing at the same time. This brought tears to my eyes. What a heart the marine has to be there not knowing this was the very person he had to bring bad news to.

This man deserved a Nobel Prize…

Funny pictures about This man deserved a Nobel Prize. Oh, and cool pics about This man deserved a Nobel Prize. Also, This man deserved a Nobel Prize.