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how to make felt balls with the help of handmade yarns and needle tips
How to Make Felt Balls : Simple DIY
It is actually quick and easy to make felt balls. Here are simple step-by-step instructions to make felt balls. #feltballdiy #feltballcraft #howto #makingfeltball #feltcraft #feltingcraft #howtofelt
an old black and white photo shows three children in front of a flock of sheep
Pictures on request Azerbaijan photo correspondent Oleg Lytvyn photos
a man in a red hat is playing the bagpipe while sheep graze behind him
Kepenek - Eşmeli Çoban İsmail'in Müzik Merakı - Uşak
an old photo of three women wrapped in cloths
three different colored pillows sitting next to each other
Feeling for Felt
Courtesy L'Aviva Home Every felt shyrdak rug tells one Kyrgyz clan's unique history
a man dressed in medieval clothing standing on the grass
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a couch and rug in a room with tile flooring on the ground, next to each other
Handmade Felt Shyrdaks from Kyrgyzstan
a close up view of an intricately designed fabric with blue, pink and red flowers
Parzyrik culture (ca. 6th to 3rd centuries BC) found in the Siberian permafrost in the Altay Mountains and nearby Mongolia
two women carrying large baskets on their heads
@Margaret Jennings This definitely looks like something we did as toddlers :)
a black and white photo of a person holding an object in the middle of a field
En dilletante
Inge Morath, Iran, Steidl, 1960; Kurdish sheperd near Rasht.
kepenek - a turkish felt cape...used by shepherds in Turkey
kepenek - a turkish felt cape...used by shepherds in Turkey
an old piece of cloth with two black flowers on the front and one brown flower on the back
Kepenek (shepherd's Cloak)
As a collection or exhibition object, the kepenek tells a rich story about the development of felt making alongside the early domestication of animals in Central Asia, the daily life of nomadic herders and, most importantly, the role of textile architecture among nomadic communities, as this unfitted garment can serve as a portable, wearable tent.
a man in a red hat is surrounded by sheep on a green field and holding a microphone
Kepenek, Vestuario típico de los pastores, Turquía
Kepenek, Turquia
a piece of paper with writing on it that says mh or fne and 6 kt
cloak | British Museum
two women are doing different things on the floor in front of a house, and one woman is bending over
fulling the felted carpet with forearms, hardening the felt / fashioning felt / photos by christine martens