What a great way to serve salad at a BBQ, no bug/fly problems! Place in a bowl or pan of ice to keep things cool.

Classy way to serve salad at a BBQ, with no bug/fly problems! i would put the salad jar on ice though for freshness.

red enchilada sauce 2

Red Enchilada Sauce

Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce - "you'll never go back to the canned store-bought stuff again. The sauce is a breeze to make, calls for simple ingredients, and is insanely delicious." Use GF chicken broth!

Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer Recipe  Sounds delicious with or without alcohol. Nice Christmas punch?

Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer

Another Holiday drink! Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer - Orange juice, Sprite, Vodka, Maraschino Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice - I wanna make this for our christmas party saturday night

20 sangria recipes. Oh heck yess!! Bring on the summer parties!!!!

Very Pinteresting {Sangria}

Strawberry Basil Sangria Tastes Like Spring - want it: jetzt! ½ lb of fresh strawberries 1 apple 1 ounce of fresh whole basil leaves 1 bottle of Cline Cellar's Cool Climate Chardonnay ½ cup organic sugar 1 cup of club soda 1 cup of white grape juice

Lamb Kofta with Herbed Tzatziki

Lamb Kofta with Herbed Tzatziki

Lamb Kofta with Herbed Tzatziki - Simply Delicious— Simply Delicious (use turkey instead of lamb) and I like this recipe since it seems more "traditional" Food Recipe Share and enjoy!

Creamsicle, it's dangerous! Just mix Whipped Cream Vodka (Smirnoff), orange juice, and Sprite or 7up

Creamsicle, Mix Whipped Cream Vodka (Smirnoff), orange juice & Sprite or

Cranberry Lime Vodka

Homemade Cranberry Lime Infused Vodka -- tried and it was a HUGE hit that I will definitely be making again! I made sure to make homemade tags that said to drink straight or try on the rocks with club or lemon-lime soda.

Strawberry Mojito Punch The Perfect Purée Mojito, The Perfect Purée Strawberry Puree, Vodka, Club Soda, Strawberries, and Cucumber.

25 Yummy Party Punches

Strawberry Mojito Punch Strawberry Mojito Punch 5 cartons The Perfect Purée Mojito ¼ jar The Perfect Purée Strawberry Puree 2 bottles of Charbay Vodka 24 oz.

Alcoholvrije Sangria Met deze ingrediënten maak je ongeveer twee liter heerlijke alcoholvrije Sangria: 1 geschilde sinaasappel in stukjes 1 perzik in stukjes 1 appel in stukjes 1 limoen in partjes, met schil 1 liter druivensap 500 ml ijskoud bronwater (bruisend) 250 ml sinaasappelsap Voeg het fruit, de sinaasappelsap en de liter druivensap bij elkaar in een grote kan. Zet het geheel 1 a 1,5 uur weg in de koelkast. Doe hier het ijskoude water bij .

This easy recipe for traditional Spanish sangria is made with Rioja wine, brandy, triple sec, orange juice, lemon juice and sliced fruit.

Steamed Salmon Recipe With Veggies with Zucchini, Tomato, Basil, & Spinach with Lemon #protein

Foil packet salmon and veggies - Master this easy cooking method and you'll NEVER have dried-out salmon again.

Homemade Sriracha Sauce - #healthy

Ripped Recipes - Homemade Sriracha Sauce - The sauce you buy has a lot of sugar and preservatives so may taste sweeter.


Caipirinha (Portuguese pronunciation: is Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaça (sugar cane rum),  sugar (preferably white powdered sugar, or any other sugar, even honey) and lime. Cachaça is Brazil's most common 

Grill your fish on a bed of lemons to infuse flavor & prevent sticking to the grill. GREAT idea!

Grill your fish on a bed of lemons to infuse flavor & prevent sticking to the grill. Just an FYI, I'd spray the grill with cooking spray before you put down lemons. The fish won't stick, but the lemons will.