Box & Basket

Grey rattan baskets with boxwood topiary balls. Gorgeous idea for a covered outdoor area!

White Garden

white garden, mid spring Garden design blue flower pots How do you make your garden grow? Here's an idea for a raised bed.


Ever since I was a child, my dream house has been a white farmhouse with a big porch. This is a perfect example with the brick walkway lined with a hedge and hydrangea everywhere to greet me.

Vintage Style Porch Deck Patio Rules Typography Word by Wildoaks

Vintage Style Custom Porch Rules Sign Deck Rules Sign, Patio Rules Outdoor decor Typography Word Art Sign

Vintage Style Porch Deck Patio Rules Typography Word by Wildoaks. I am a total porch monkey!

old wood ladder,flower pots and vines

An old wooden ladder stacked with plants is a great way to add layers of height on a patio or courtyard. The trailing wisteria above draws your eye upward too. Praying my wisteria will bloom this year

Good idea for sun protection- Create a place to hang sun hats for guests. Add in some sun block in hanging bucket.

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