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To reach the top, we stand on the books we've read. This could be a neat bulletin board with pictures of the kids on top reaching!


a goal i have for my next exams is to starting studying 2 weeks before ~less cramming ~less stress

Studenten: blijf rustig en studeer keihard

6 Last Minute Study Tips for Busy Students.

Studeren is investeren.

Whoever thinks that knowledge is expensive, is mistaken in the costs of ignorance.

so i have finals this week...guess whos studying? not me!!!

Not studying so true

Fokke & Sukke doen een tentamen economie

Fokke & Sukke doen een tentamen economie






Yes mom studying

student life

Here is a whimsical depiction of a student's life. If you have a student in your life who is in high school or college you may want to share! omg this is my life.