Balloons wrapped in cellophane look like lollipops.

Candy Party Decorations: Make giant lollipops by using balloons, wrapping paper tubes, & cellophane wrap. Tie the ends of the cellophane with ribbon and you've got a lollipop.

De vlag vergeet ik altijd uit te hangen, maar dit is wel een super alternatief!

Holland wreath in celebration of Queen's day (now King's day)

Zet alle pizzatoppings leuk neer met een vrolijk kaartje erin. Dat staat leuk op je #pizzaparty

Moustaches and Mozzarella Guest Dessert Feature

How to Host a Fun Pizza-themed Birthday Party for the Kids! Features Festive Ideas For Decor, Desserts, Invitations, Food, and Party Activities for Kids.

Spring wreath

Spring wreath