four sake ochoko van ralphnuara op Etsy

set of four high fired stoneware sake cups ranging in size from one to two ounces from the smallest at x 2 to the largest at 1 x 2 / miniature chawan shaped ochoko - ralphnuara on Etsy

Ceramics by Chris Hawkins at - 2012. Copper Matt Straight-sided bowl

Chris Hawkins makes handthrown raku fired studio pottery from his workshop in the Tamar Valley, southwest UK, glazed in a copper matt finish

Lucie Rie #pottery #ceramics

Lucie Rie Oval bowl , circa 1976 Porcelain, yellow and manganese glazes with sgraffito band. cm in) high, cm in) wide Impressed with artist's seal.

Shino Cup

Shino and glass combine with cobalt blue to make a great surface on this cup. The inside is a bright white shino glaze. Made from clay pulled from Texas