Yvonne Bos

Yvonne Bos

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Con.: Refers to when they first met >>> This a good quote when referring to Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship. He loved her but could not have her. Also, Polonius believed that Hamlet's love for Ophelia was the cause of his insanity and madness.

What a Simple yet Powerful Statement

there are so many knives sticking out of my back I'm afraid to remove even just one would leave me torn to pieces..

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I acted like it wasn't a big deal when it was really breaking my heart

Soooo many secrets you've kept from her. And you don't think I know either.

It's my year, and one thing without a doubt I'll be doing is looking out for myself. Making decisions for myself. Ensuring that I am happy.

Live life happy quote: Pay attention to the signs. Stop making excuses for people. Stop defending their inconsiderate ways. Start taking care of you and your own needs. - Reyna Biddy