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Lego kijkdozen 2.0

I used to build apartments with Legos when I was a kid but these are way better then mine


The interior of this is incredible - and don't even get me started on the car, staircase, and patio furniture. View by davekaleta

Lego Train Bookends *** 10+ Genius Ways To Use LEGO You Probably Never Thought About

1 LEGO USB Flash LEGO USB Flash Drive: In this instructable I will show you how to make a mod and make a Lego thumb drive, so get out your old Lego collection and start building! You Need: -Thumb Drive -Lego bricks -Super.


Wen Yeh Ng built a typical home in a kampung (village), commonly found in southeast Asia. The design of the home looks fairly realistic, including the rusting metal roof and fading exterior walls.

Brilliant! And the perfect solution for tripping over the guest bed in your sewing room or trying to make it look like a room in spite of the machines. Do I need this?  Sigh. No. But it sure would be handy!

if you had all this for all the furniture in your house, and you could automatically close it all by pressing buttons on a keyring or something, your house would be the safest place ever! there wouldn (Diy Tech Money)