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Forget 3D Printers. The Early 3D Printing Action is All About the Services - Forbes

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Olaf Deigel 3d printing technology

The Spider printed guitar was designed specifically for laser sintering, one of the common printing technologies that allows for the manufacture of full strength, extremely complex parts.

Oreo Trending Vending Machine Prints Custom Colored Cookies

Everything rainbow! I made these by hand! just remove the original white paste from an oreo. Whip it up with the food coloring of your choice of you choice and put back in the oreo! And they make the most perfect party treats!

3D printed pasta

Janne Kytannen, co-founder of design studio Freedom of Creation, has visualised a series of printed meals, including pasta, to show how the technology could be applied to home cooking in the future.

The Coolest 3D Printer Projects - N12 (Nylon 12) material is waterproof and becomes more comfortable when wet.

R&D: Printed Bra designed by continuum fashion, the bikini is the first completely printed, ready-to-wear item of clothing. the bikini demonstrates the intricacy possible with this.

Vitruvian Man 3d printed Art Sculptures

A printed version of the The Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. This is a homage to my time in Italy which was the first location and experiment in working remotely as a digital nomad. The Drawing is used on the back of a 1 Euro coin.

Party Mask 'NeverMore' 3d printed Art Fashion NeverMore

Party Mask 'NeverMore' by maskadelic on Shapeways

Fully-Functional Bicycle Made with a 3D Printer.

They made a Fully-Functional Bicycle with a Printer. Now make it electric & transformable into an inflatable home & under the weight limitations of a checkable piece of luggage & then we are getting somewhere.