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the interior of a modern house with wood and glass railings
THE ST REGIS BANGKIK Cool Dudes | Enter at ground level and whizz up to the 12th-floor lobby - the transition might dilute some urban bustle, but it builds on the super-exclusivity. From here on up it's all about the view - the unbeatable location overlooks the elite Royal Bangkok Sports Club and the classical Thai architecture of Chulalongkorn University. There is a 15th-floor infinity pool and hi-tech gym, but the gasp of hand-wringing delight is reserved
some people are doing yoga in a room with blue walls and wooden floors, while one person is stretching
Divider wall.
a room filled with lots of hanging items and baskets on top of it's shelves
A Boutique Studio That Sculpts Muscles: Classic Pilates
an empty basketball court with rows of seats on the side and ceiling in black and white
A Dose of Daylight
This is a thing of beauty. The perfect synthesis of classical and modern. Geometric Ceiling.
a bathroom with two sinks and storage baskets
Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas
Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom bathroom
a living room with white walls and blue accents
Classical meets modern
the lobby is decorated with lights and decorations on the walls, along with a bench
Das Stue Hotel by Patricia Urquiola
An example of the power of contrasts: classic meets modern.... beautifully! Das Stue Hotel lobby, Berlin.