Deze verkopen ze bij Nijhoff rond de 100 euro

Awesome Products: Cloud concrete toilet roll holder

Never thought toilet paper could be a work of art Awesome Products: Cloud concrete toilet roll holder categories: Awesome Products, Design

deze is geweldig!!!

Bathroom Remodel With Rain Shower Heads. Many various bathroom design you can create and improvement with rain shower heads Ooooo I love this

Creatieve opbergruimte, twee nissen in de badombouw voor wat extra handdoeken -

Am House by Sanson Architetti

Am House is located in San Stino di Livenza, Italy and was designed by Sanson Architetti. The interior is clean and minimalistic, with few decorative accessories and an emphasis on simplicity. Photos courtesy of Sanson Architetti

Met #LED verlichting is jouw fantasie de grens van het mogelijke

Floating LED Bath-Spa Lights