Cos'è? Esempio tipografia con messaggio Conteso? Immagine trovata su Pinterest Materiali usati: computer per elaborazione grafica Perché è interessante? E' un'immagine estremamente semplice ma che nella sua semplicità fa trasparire un messaggio chiaro e diretto. La lettere O rende da sola il significato della stessa parola. La realizzazione fa in modo che con una lettura veloce non ci si accorga della O ma che comunque si legga FOCUS.

It seems I have a thing for liking simple types of fonts. This type puts the word into use by making everything outside of the "focus" circle blurry and everything inside of it super sharp and easy to read. The circle acts as a view finder for cameras as

###My favorite.......

Arne Olav likes to create ridiculous new species by splicing together two or more real animals. The resulting chimeras look like something right out a bizarre fantasy movie.

Pretty awkward looking but in a cute way..... Sorta

Why is there a zebra frog? What can you tell me about zebra frogs? Information book about double animals.

Haha an elephant duck.......

New Animal Species bred in Photoshop by artist Gyyp are bizarre and funny. Gyyp likes to experiment in Photoshop combining animal species to create new ones

Wows someone's tired hahahaha

Funny Photoshop Animal Hybrids Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

##Rhino Clownfish

Jan Oliehoek, Dutch digital artist, from Leiden, Netherlands. Rhinofish, by Photo manipulation;

Don't you look graceful

Animal fans can be undoubtedly motivated through link as it provides some amusing hybrid animals produced through Photoshop. The phony animals like Dorse,

Not really a combination but still hilarious

Photo Manipulation Tutorial – Create a Realistic Lion King - currently viewing photoshop tutorials from Photoshop Lady

Just alittle disturbing......

photoshop animals together new species 17 Hilarious New Animal Species Created in Photoshop

Banana dog hahaha

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