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an anime character with blue eyes looking at the camera and text that reads, when the water
miau 🐱
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an image of bread with blue eyes and flour on the table next to eggs, spoons and utensils
an anime character with long white hair and black jacket holding her hands up in the air
an anime character with the caption that reads, `'the gorilla glue didn't even work
i feel like I've abuse this sprite too much 👩
a woman's face peeking out from behind a green leaf with the caption, i cant tell if she likes it or not
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an animated image of a furry creature with the words oh on it
Amami, Nagito Komaeda
a cartoon character with the words oh hey baaaka
I cannot anymore 😋
a drawing of a man with his head in his hands and the words underneath him
a drawing of two people with long hair and one is holding the other's hand
K0m4h1n4 but idk how to draw
an image of a man with a bald head holding a flower in his hand and the words hatsune miku on it
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an anime character with blue eyes and black hair
komeda nagito's suggestive voice files
a woman in a white and black dress with green hair
shin yttd
Yttd Shin Tsumiki GIF - Yttd Shin Tsumiki Sou Hiyori - Discover & Share GIFs