Beautiful Newfies

Newfies! One of Gods Greatest Creations
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two dogs are playing with each other in the grass
There's a Newf in My Soup!
a large black dog laying on top of a lush green field
a large black dog sitting on top of a street
a large black dog standing in front of a door wearing a red and black scarf
Festive Newf.
three black and white dogs with hats on their heads sitting in front of a table
Notta Bear Newfoundlands dogs wonderland birthday tea party
a black dog sticking its head out the window of a blue car that says, has anyone seen my chauffer?
Notta Bear Newfoundlands Meshack
a large black dog sitting on top of a floor next to a person in a wheel chair
Newfoundland Club of America: Therapy Dogs
Rufus celebrates 7 years as a Therapy Dog
a black and white dog sitting in the grass next to some tree's on a sunny day
two black dogs and a white horse in the grass with trees in the back ground
Look at these two Newfies and a white horse. Because they are awesome.
two large black and white dogs standing next to each other on a street with trees in the background
a woman is holding a puppy in her lap
Kodi Bear as a puppy. 7 years & 160 pounds ago by Deb Heary McAtee(fb ‎Newfoundland Dog Lovers)
a large black dog wearing a yellow costume and a chicken on top of it's head
The things we do to our newfies.....and they allow us! "Chickanewf"
black and white photo of a puppy walking in the snow with another dog behind him
Coming Through!!!