colorful books as art

Don't just stack 'em. Inspiration for library room or living room but I think I'll use it for my office. :-) this room gives me the butterflies.

De avonturen van FEST Amsterdam: in een stroomversnelling Roomed |

interesting idea for a room divider - looks like 2 sheets of plywood with a large hollow core door in between.

Adding Personality to Modern Interiors: City Never Sleeps Wall Murals by Pixers

Coolest and interesting wallpapers for walls! : Interesting Coolest and interesting wallpapers for walls! how to paint a mural,mural painting designs,photo mural wallpaper

Blue Interior

The House of DJ Pil Marques in São Paulo, Brazil

PIL House is a home designed by Studio Guilherme Torres. It is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and has a brightly-colored interior with an abundance of decor

Leren Hoekbank Elena met Longchair. Verkrijgbaar in verschillende opstellingen, kleuren en leer of stof soorten. | Room108

Other than the arm rests not looking cushy enough, this couch is ideal for what I want.

Lounge elementen bank (velours) - Jantine Ranzijn

Dutch Seating Company, maatwerk made in Holland!

Banken / Udine elementen bank

Udine couch, choose the elements you want, in the colour you want, so design your own couch!