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the cover of aerial tammakrate by okko - tex, with an image of a butterfly on it
a small piece of art is hanging on the wall
Landscape Quilted Postcard Fabric
a heart with flowers on it sitting on top of a table
I Made a Valentine
a colorful quilt hanging from a tree in front of some bushes and trees with lots of leaves on it
a quilted beach scene with sailboats and palm trees on the sand, along with an ocean view
the twelve zodiac signs painted on paper with different colors and patterns, including one for each animal
six different pictures of animals made out of colored crayon paper with birds and flowers on them
WELCOME | Pattern Poole
a quilted wall hanging on the side of a tree next to a body of water
National Parks, Wildflowers and other traditional quilting patterns and kits for sale.
an art quilt with blue and green mountains in the background
Lubbesmeyer Art Studio & Gallery - Available Fiber Art