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One of this year’s biggest housing trends is sustainability, and few things are more sustainable than a drought-tolerant, low-water landscape. Xeriscape, the landscaping practice of reducing or eliminating the need for irrigation, is a growing trend in exterior design.Virtual home design experts at brick&batten can show you new ways to increase  your curb appeal. To give your landscape some color, these 11 plants that look great and require very little water.
Early fall is actually a great time to dig into some landscaping work. The summer sun finally starts to back off, but it’s still warm enough for perennials to establish a root system before the first winter frost.Some landscapers argue that flowers, shrubs, and trees planted in the fall have even more developed root systems than those planted in the spring. Better root systems = More blooms and better overall performance.
Once you add window boxes to your home, it’s common for it to look like something is missing if you decide to tuck them away for the traditional off-seasons. However, every season has something to offer when it comes to window boxes. Luckily, the internet and even neighborhoods around town are rich with delightful window box ideas for every season, and we’ve curated some of our favorites. Here’s to keeping them looking pretty year-round!

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an exterior painting tips and design ideas
Home Exterior Painting Tips and Design Ideas
Exterior painting can transform the look of your home and have a significant impact on its curb appeal. Discover our top exterior painting tips and see some extraordinary design examples that show just how powerful paint can be:
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8 L Shaped House Design Ideas and Examples
Whether you are considering building or moving into an L-shaped house or are looking to refresh your existing L-shaped home, explore our favorite design ideas and see real examples that will help you reimagine your exterior:
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9 Balcony Ideas for Your Home Exterior
Feeling inspired to enhance both the charm and functionality of your exterior with a balcony? Discover our designers’ favorite balcony design ideas:
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Waterfront Property Design Ideas
If you own waterfront property — whether it’s a vacation home or your full-time residence — and you’re considering making some updates to the exterior but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the many ways you can transform your waterfront house into a wow-worthy home:
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Black Stucco House Exterior Transformation in California
"Painting the exterior of your house is a lot of money and not money you want to spend twice. But I work from the front bedroom and cannot tell you the number of people I have watched stop in front of our house to take pictures." This client was interested in embracing a darker color palette for her home in a California beach town. Learn how we helped her pick the perfect palette, and see her home transformation from start to finish:
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Our Review of Extra White by Sherwin Williams
Extra White by Sherwin Williams has become one of our favorite whites to turn to when designing homes. It’s a stunning shade of white that’s never too stark or soft but still brightens a home easily. Learn all about this white exterior paint color:
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Designer Tips for a Beautiful House Exterior in 2024
Everyone deserves to have a beautiful house. And the good news is that no matter what shape your home is in now, there are tons of things you can do to achieve the exterior of your dreams. Discover our top tips for designing a beautiful exterior:
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8 Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas to Make Your House Stand Out
Whether you’re looking to make a subtle statement or you want a design that evokes a double-take from every passerby, our designers can help you achieve the exterior you’re after. Learn more:
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Modern Mansion Design Ideas for Luxury Living
Whether you have a mansion you want to elevate or you just want your home to exude modern mansion vibes, there are plenty of updates you can make to achieve the look you’re after. Keep reading to learn how you can achieve a modern mansion aesthetic for your home exterior:
the beach cottage exterior is transformed into a north carolina home with black and white accents
Beach Cottage Exterior Transformation in North Carolina
"I recommend brick&batten to any homeowner facing an exterior remodel as they know how to create a diamond in the rough!" 💎 Discover how we helped this North Carolina client transform her outdated exterior into her dream coastal getaway:
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Before & After: Exterior Paint Transforms Dated Home Exterior
Exterior paint is powerful — and this home design is the perfect example. We recommended painting the siding and eaves with Benjamin Moore’s White Dove and the blue-green accents with Desert Twilight. We also suggested using Desert Twilight on the small section of brick that leads to the entrance.
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Outdoor Entertaining Essentials Our Designers Love
There’s a lot to consider when designing your dream outdoor entertaining space. The layout of the area, the landscaping, and the items you fill it with are all important to keep in mind. If you’re interested in sprucing up your outdoor space, keep reading to discover and shop our outdoor entertaining must-haves:
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Our Review of October Mist by Benjamin Moore
A light sage green reminiscent of flower stems, Benjamin Moore's October Mist is a fantastic choice for a home’s exterior. Learn all about this paint color and see how we use it in our exterior designs:
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Victorian Style House Design Tips for Maximum Curb Appeal
By paying attention to details such as color schemes, landscaping, and architectural features, you can highlight the unique charm and beauty of your Victorian style house. Discover our top tips for updating a Victorian home:
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Contemporary House Design for Waterfront Property in North Carolina
This client loved his 1986 lakefront home, but he felt it needed an upgrade to achieve the contemporary house design he desired. Discover how our team helped this North Carolina client bring his exterior vision to life: