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a baby is playing in a bowl with pink liquid on it and the words, quick & easy todder goop
Easy Goo Recipe That's Safe for Kids!
Kids of all ages love making, and playing with, this easy goo recipe. Moms love that it's completely safe for even the youngest toddlers! From EatingRichly.com
a christmas tree made out of crayon paper with the words for painted on it
Fork Painted Christmas Tree – The Pinterested Parent
Fork painted Christmas tree - winter arts and crafts projects for kids. Stamp and paint with a fork.
an ice cream tray with popsicles and paint on it
Entertain your toddler's growing brain with these smart activities
Entertain your toddler's growing brain with these smart activities. Malen mit Wattebäuschen für Kleinkinder. (kids arts and crafts)
two daisies made out of paper with the words q - tip daisies
Q-Tip Daisy Craft – The Pinterested Parent
Q-tip Cotton swap daisies. Flower arts and crafts for kids. Great for summer or spring.