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9.4 Gif

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The King
Different Types Of Lions
Hiob 42:5 (SCH2000) Vom Hörensagen hatte ich von dir gehört, aber nun hat mein Auge dich gesehen.

1.1 Lions

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To the victor belongs the spoils: Bloody lioness enjoying a hard caught meal.
The N pride 7-29-18
Jan 8 2017

1.2 Lioness

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1.3 Lions Cubs

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Courting lion and lioness—a giant love bite on the ear.
lion couple | Tumblr

1.4 Lions Love

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The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and f... - theanimalkingdom2018 - #albinism #called #melanism #recessive #Skin #theanimalkingdom2018 #trait
White Lion Family - Unity Duvet Cover by Carol Cavalaris. Available in king, queen, full, and twin. Our soft microfiber duvet covers are hand sewn and include a hidden zipper for easy washing and assembly. Your selected image is printed on the top surface with a soft white surface underneath. All duvet covers are machine washable with cold water and a mild detergent.

1.5 W&B Lions

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I want one of these very badly. This is my all-time favorite animal. :-)
White Lion Cubs Did you know? There are only 3 white lion prides left in the wild in the world. #savethewhitelions Read more at whitelions.org

1.6 W&B Lions Cubs

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motivationsforlife:Eyes Wide Open (White Lion) by Mark Dumont //...

1.7 Lions Face

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Love the leaf effect darling!

2.1 Tigers

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July 29 – Global Tiger Day
tiger mom with cubs
Spoiled tiger cub

2.2 Tigers Cubs

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Tigre branco. : fotos
Such a gorgeous white Tiger 🐯

2.3 White Tigers

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Welcome to Big Cat Encounters
Baby White Tigers
Engaging Tiger Picture

2.4 White Tigers Cubs

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A golden tabby tiger called Sapphire relaxes at Olmense Zoo in Antwerp, Belgium. Just 30 of these rare animals are known to exist on the planet, with none left in the wild.
Golden Tiger
golden tiger

2.5 Golden Tigers

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Golden Tiger
Cute golden tiger cub.
A Rare Golden Tiger, Strawberry Tiger or Golden Tabby Tiger. | Most Beautiful Pages

2.6 Golden Tigers Cubs

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The Maltese tiger, or blue tiger, is a semi-hypothetical coloration morph of a tiger, reported mostly in the Fujian Province of China. It is said to have bluish fur with dark grey stripes. Most of the Maltese tigers reported have been of the South Chinese subspecies. The South Chinese tiger today is critically endangered, and the “blue” alleles may be wholly extinct. Blue tigers have also been reported in Korea, home of Siberian tigers.
fighting by doug fitz-gerald

2.7 Tigers: Others / Mixs

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2.8 Tigers Face

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Puma que vivia em zoológico é adotado e agora vive como um verdadeiro gatinho doméstico na Rússia!!! - CAT CLUB
A cougar clings to a tree on an early Spring morning. 🐾🐅❤️🤗
Puma (Dağ Aslanı)

3.1 Puma

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cougar cub
Mountain Lions (copyright: Daniel J. Cox)
Mountain Lion transport

3.2 Puma Cubs

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mountain lion beauty
mountain lion | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

3.3 Puma Face

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Amur leopard by 14nelson, via Flickr
Loving mother Leopard showing her cub affection..
Armani says She is ready for Turkey leftovers!

4.1 Leoprds & Jaguars

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“The Ndzilo female carries in her mouth, the only surviving cub of her first litter. The cub is now approaching 9 months old, and becoming more and more independent everyday. A far cry from the ball of fluff that she once held so gently in her jaws.” Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, South Africa. •Credit: Josh van der Ploeg• #Leopard #Wildlife #Safari

4.2 Leopards & Jaguars Cubs

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Leopard Staredown by Conrad Tan shot at Kruger National Preserve, South Africa.
A Jaguar. beautiful amazing

4.3 Leopards & Jaguars Face

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I might have pinned this one already - I'll have to check - but who cares - gorgeous - worth a repin!
Oh what a lovely day!
Jaguar beauty

5.1 Black Leopards

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Baby panther
Black Panther cub
Panther - Black Jaguar cub

5.2 Black Leopards Cubs

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Wildlife Photography
Beautiful Black Panther
The innocent mansion of a panther's heart! - Allen Tate

5.3 Black Leopards Face

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