Nederlandse keuken: Hagelslag : heerlijk op wit brood met roomboter

Hagelslag: A Dutch breakfast consisting of bread, butter and chocolate sprinkles. You can find the chocolate at World Market and you have to use plain white bread and real butter - it's the law! And regular sprinkles are not a substitute!

klompen ( wooden shoes )

Wooden shoes (or clogs), this is a typical product associated with the Dutch population. In a lot of countries around the world it is believed that Dutch people walk around in wooden shoes the entire day. As you can see wooden shoes come in different kind

9 januari - Boerenkool in de bonus - Recept - Boerenkool (met worst) - Allerhande

Boe­ren­kool (met worst)

Kale with sausage - (Translated: Boerenkool met worst). Traditional food what people think the Dutch eat it all the time.

Dutch flag with an orange pennant / Nederlandse vlag met oranje wimpel

The Dutch flag with an orange pennant can be seen on almost every house on Kingsday

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring. In June of every year, the "newest" herring season starts. Fish enthusiasts make a tradition to buy some each year.

'Haring happen' is a tradition in the Netherlands where you eat fish in the way it is illustrated on the picture. The Dutch poeple often eat the fish with shred unions on the market or at the fish stand.


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Zelf bitterballen maken Een recept van Micahal Boerop

Dutch snack called 'Bitterballen' (bitter balls) with mustard. Perfect when drinking a beer.


Charismaten willen Elfstedentocht met vuur