Dream Room 2.0

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80s retro arcade 📼📀
aesthetic pictures to recreate
a car is parked in the middle of a checkered floor with neon lights on it
two arcade machines sitting next to each other on top of a floor covered in neon colored tiles
Stranger Things
an image of a bunk bed with stairs in the middle and other items on the bottom
Full Sized Loft Bed
Full Sized Loft Bed, cute basic idea. Could add shelves to wall to turn into reading nook. Put desk under for separate office area.
there is a computer and other items on the desk in front of this poster,
a bedroom with posters on the wall and a television in the corner, as well as a zebra print bed spread
a room filled with lots of christmas decorations and lights on the wall behind a record player
my 80s bedroom 💗
someone is standing on the sidewalk next to a door mat with an image of a tube
Custom rugs, Lighter rug, Cool rugs, Aesthetic rugs, Modern Decor
a black and white rug on the floor next to an oven