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This is the still of dress and hat from my the part of Holland that my parents came from - Zeeland. The original writer gave much more detail.


A proper ‘bolus’ (sweet roll served with coffee) has got to stick to your fingers! And it will taste all the better after you spread some rich, creamy butter on top!

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.Watersnoodramp 1953.

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Zuid-Beveland, protestant 1947, jonge vrouw ter kerke Jan Duyvetter #Zeeland #ZuidBeveland #protestant

Collection: Regional Costumes in the Netherlands.

jakje of 'mankeltje' van meisje, Zuid-Beveland, bedrukt katoen, na 1800 #Zeeland #ZuidBeveland #protestant

Title: jakje of 'mankeltje' van meisje, Zuid-Beveland. Collection: Regional Costumes in the Netherlands. Object: Date of creation: na 1800