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a drawing of a teddy bear on a white background
Luca Lanzi - Last Toy | IRIEDAILY
an abstract painting of a cow with blue and white stripes on it's body
Preview, l’enfant terrible delle fiere berlinesi. Se per i palati più esigenti c’è Abc, per chi ha voglia di novità ecco un contenitore che punta tutto sulla scena emergente | Artribune
Luca Lanzi, Equino | Artribune
a drawing of a brown horse with pink legs on a white surface and circles in the background
an oil painting of sliced oranges and a spoon
an oil painting of oranges and a silver cup on a blue tablecloth with leaves
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Teddi Parker
an abstract painting of a white chair with red and black paint on the armrests
a painting of a white paper sculpture in a black frame
a painting of a rock on a white surface
an open cardboard box sitting on top of a table
Dana Zaltzman - Zemack Contemporary Art | דנה זלצמן - זימאק אמנות עכשווית