Used to do this back in Zeist & Den Bosch. Should put some pics & cards around the door again :) .

This would be great in a living room. So you dont see it as you walk in but you see it when you sit down - pictures framing the door - little inspiration place? place for notes and thoughts (Diy Photo Frames)


desiresbyme: (Source: (She danced all night...)

se CORNER GALLERY- bring life to a lonely corner by hanging art work on either side of the walls that meet the corner in a cluster formation.

A la queue leu leu dans un même cadre : idéal pour des photomatons vintages ou des photographies anonymes vintages de petit format.

"The photo booth installed in our concept store scroll saw last May the whole team from getting shot the picture for 10 years Bonton!

Cadres au mur dans les escaliers #frames #gallery #wall

Industrial Loft With Organic Traits And Monochrome Map And Photographic Display White Brick Wall With Good Extraordinary Interior Decoration Industrial Style With Awesome Design

Yes, this.

DIY Instax photo wall from Exposito Exposito Exposito Exposito Exposito Woodbury Pehrson Larson of A Beautiful Mess (Cool Photography Wallpaper)

Idée déco design

Love the framed photos/art/patterns put together without space around them. Really creates a whole wall art collage. I need to do this to my living room wall.