Nota JR: Modelo da mesa de jantar, pode ter pés metálicos nos dois lados.

Dani's Lovely Canadian Condo

You can make the most out of a small dining area by keeping it simple, then punctuating with a few pieces like art and a interesting light fixture. - Interior Homes

20 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design

20 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #23

Here we showcase a a collection of perfectly minimal interior design examples for you to use as inspiration.Check out the previous post in the series: 30 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design


How to pick quality furniture and add a valuable touch inside your home! - Interior design - When it comes to how to pick out your home furniture, you should stop a while and think wisely. Your home furniture is your image that says a lot about your


Candles in glass boxes - perfect combination of cozy and contemporary. Using flameless/electric candles for this would be a good idea to not have to worry about melting wax oozing into the bottom of the glass box and onto the other decorative objects

Minotti Sullivan 3d model | Rodolfo Dordoni


Coffee table Design Inspiration Coffee table Design Inspiration is a part of our furniture design inspiration series.