Old fashioned candy.

blast I remember this stuff, it was the best hard candy besides the hard tack candy my family makes!

Cute,dit kinderzitje heeft mijn mem buiten hangen met bloemen erin.Maar wij hebben er ook in gezeten.

Vintage wicker child's travel basket - love the look on the kids face


In Candy Necklaces Were Introduced Into The United States. Candy Necklaces Are An Enduring Candy Classic Today. Candy Necklaces Were A "Must Have" Accessory For Any Well Dressed Kid Or Kid-At-Heart.


KOETJESREEP 'Koetjesreep' means 'Cow Bar' in English. It is a popular Dutch candy bar made of compound chocolate.

'De Witte Kat' battery, Dutch battery brand

'De Witte Kat' batterij - vroeger zaten we in de kelderbox in Den Haag…


Keukentrapje diende bij ons ook als extra keukenstoel.


Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Perendrups )


Knofje is a dutch tv progam about such a sweet girl!