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Modemuze home | Modemuze Antiques, Vintage, Antique Clocks, Hanger, Antik, Antique Watches, Antique Clock, Objects, Clock
Modemuze home | Modemuze
a curved building with many windows on the outside
Herzog & de Meuron . Blavatnik School of Government . Oxford (4)
Herzog & de Meuron . Blavatnik School of Government . Oxford (4)
two green and yellow bananas sitting next to each other on top of a gray surface
Artist : Hikaru Cho, via Vervreemding.
three blue flowers are floating in the water
Florilegium P29 | Danielle Kwaaitaal | Gallery Viewer
Florilegium P29 | Danielle Kwaaitaal | Gallery Viewer
four different views of people in an empty room with light coming from the ceiling and floor
curated contemporary art /// september 18th ~ 19th
Tokujin Yoshioka creates interiors, installations and architecture where people can feel the light with all their senses. He explores beauty born out of coincidence and beyond human imagination; his work echoes the beauty of nature with its ever-changing expression, giving the idea “that the design doesn’t even exist”.Admired by Secret Art Collector.
there are many different colored cups on the table
Inhwa Lee "Shadowed Series" Porcelain, Pigment, Marbling, Piercing, Wheel throwing, 1280℃ Oxidation, Reduction Firing, Polishing
a woman sitting on the floor in a room with blue walls and furniture, wearing pink gloves
Maas Theater en Dans
Maas Theater en Dans | Studio Noa Verhofstad
a wall with many different colored squares on it next to a painting hanging on the wall
Wrap up Dutch Design Week 2016
KeldermanVanNoort DDW16 NRE // photo Monique Tieleman/No22 // #ddw16 #dutchdesign
three different images of people running on the beach
Giant Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles in Rio
These giant, lightup fish sculptures made a splash in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Madefrom discarded plastic bottles, the installation is part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.
a piece of art that is made out of strips of wood and paint on the wall
Dejan Dukic
three different views of an art installation with white and black paint on the floor, one is
Organic Creatures Crafted from Plastic Cable Ties by Sui Park — Colossal
Organic Creatures Crafted from Plastic Cable Ties by Sui Park
three dresses are on display in front of a wall with mickey mouse images and the words highpop
Oh no!
Stylink Pop Art Tour in het Textielmuseum op 20 oktober 2016 - you're invited! #popart #textile #prints #patterns
an art installation with red string hanging from it's walls and on the ceiling
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Installation, "Dialogue With Absence" by Chiharu Shiota