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Micro scale combine. #lego #legophotography #jkbrickworks #legomicroscale #scalemodel #bricknetwork by jasonallemann

Micro scale combine. #lego #legophotography #jkbrickworks #legomicroscale #scalemodel #bricknetwork by jasonallemann


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The Submarine Camcorder. This is the remote operated submarine that sends live video to an iPad from underwater. Ideal for viewing marine life or inspecting a boat below the waterline, the sub is tethered to its receiver on deck with a video cable.

The Vehicles of Mad Max: Fury Road In Shiny LEGO Form

It seems like Mad Max: Fury Road just hit theaters, but LEGO builder Will has already remade the best vehicles of the movie with LEGO bricks. Must have been a tough challenge to build even these tiny versions.


Proud owner of a mint Nissan and pure Z enthousiast, I've been falling in love with the older Datsun.