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J Dilla Vinyl

J Dilla Toy by Phil Young Song this Dilla figurine was designed by Phil Young Song and is to be released by the J Dilla Foundation sometime this year. Shout out to Dirty Cartunes for the info.


The symbolism is very strong in this poster. The red container is something most Americans (the target audience most likely) connect to fast food french fries. This poster is suggesting eating fast food is like killing yourself.

Burdock Blood Bitters

Burdock Blood Bitters advertisement, about 1890 As used on the Smashing Pumpkins "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" single artwork

Japanese Print #02

Artist: Chikanobu Date: 1885 Size/Format: Oban Tate-e by 14 ins) Description: Sato Tadanobu disguised as his lord leaping off a temple balcony into the snow. Series: Gempei Seisui-ki (via JAPAN PRINT GALLERY: Sato Tadanobu)

Japanese Prints #01

Artist: Yoshitoshi Artist: Hiroshige & Kunisada Artist: Kunisada Artist: Kunisada Artist: Kiyochika Artist: Kiyochika There are hundreds of paintings from different Japanese artists displayed at the Japan print gallery.