Hay que reir mas y enojarse menos
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the words in spanish are written on white paper
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a black and white photo with the words common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it most never use it
Common Sense is Like Deodorant
an airplane filled with people sitting next to each other and reading books on the seats
Una especie en extinción
Una especie en extinción
there is a cartoon with an image of two people and a dog talking to each other
El mago de Oz
two people texting on their cell phones while one person is looking at the camera
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a beach scene with the words tragage tierra y escopeme en alguna playa
a dog wrapped in a blanket looking out the window with caption that reads guardo ests dummendo en el si
Dormir en el sillón
two women and a man standing in front of a mirror with the caption when grandma steps in to protect you from mom
Memes nuevos
a toilet paper roll with the words que haria macgyver?
¿Qué haría MacGyver?
¿Qué haría MacGyver?
multiple images of different colors and shapes in the same image, each with their own reflection
I'm ok
I'm ok.. omg so funny
Meme okchicas cuando mi mamá me hace hablar con un familiar
20 Momentos que seguramente has vivido con tu mamá por lo menos una vez en tu vida
Meme okchicas cuando mi mamá me hace hablar con un familiar
two people talking to each other with the caption that says, i love you thanks
El amor en los tiempos de WhatsApp
El amor en los tiempos de WhatsApp. #humor #risa #graciosas #chistosas #divertidas