Spelletje met dobbelstenen om breuken te oefenen.

Roll, slide and cover

Fraction Dice Game - This is a game that can be used to practice fraction recognition. Roll a pair of dice, make a fraction and cover the correct fraction illustration on the gameboard.

coloring for adults - kleuren voor volwassenen

coloriage numéroté et addition : additionner pour colorier

Make your own cootie catcher a.k.a fortune teller!

Super Teacher Worksheets has a large selection of printable cootie catchers a.a fortune tellers that will allow students to have fun while they learn.

Zo slim! Lerares gebruikt LEGO om haar leerlingen te leren rekenen

Teacher Alycia Zimmerman has been using Lego for years to teach her nine to kids about fractions, square numbers, and other maths concepts that can be tricky to grasp.