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Why you should start with weighted calisthenics
If you have done calisthenics for a while now, you probably feel very comfortable with the basics exercises such as the pull-ups and dips etc. If it feels like you hit a plateau, I strongly advise you to start doing weighted calisthenics. Weighted calisthenics // Weightedcalisthenics workout // How to start weightedcalisthenics #weightedcalisthenics #howtostartweightedcalisthenics
One Arm Pull Up Progression
Pulling yourself up with one hand is for, the majority of people, an impossible task. It requires you to have insane pulling strength. You need a lot of patience and dedication if you want to accomplish this power move. I can say this because I achieved the one-arm pull-up myself some time ago. In this post, I will cover the training method that I used and share some tips. So you can become a master at the one hand pull up too!
Pull-ups Beginner Mistakes
The pull-up is one of the most popular bodyweight exercises and consists out of pulling your body upwards. They are a very effective exercise for developing upper body strength and are not just aimed at gymnasts or athletes. Contrary to popular belief, everyone can benefit from learning the exact technique to perform them. A lot of beginners make common mistakes with them. In this post we'll discuss these and give the solution to these common mistakes.
Calisthenics Biceps Exercises
how to do a pull up for beginners
How to do Pull Ups, The right way!