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an image of the back side of a brochure with text describing how to use it
GROVEKEEPER'S SICKLE Very Rare Sickle Requires attunement by a Spellcaster Damage. Slashing Oaksteel. You receive a +2 bonus to Attack rolls you make when attacking with this Sickle. Culler of Plants. When you are attuned to this sickle you receive a +3 bonus on attack rolls on all weapon and spell attacks you make against Plant creatures. Grovekeeper's Focus. The sickle can be used as a spellcasting focus and holds one charge of the spell Transport via Plants. When you cast this spell using this sickle, all creatures passing through the portal regain hit points and lose point of exhaustion. The sickle regains the charge after 24 hours. Instagram: @bonus. action - iFunny
Royal Banquet, Dnd Classes, Arte Steampunk
mrjamesgifford (@Mrjamesgifford) / Twitter
an advertisement for a longbow bow from the early 1800's, with information on how to use it
D&D Quivers by Elhessar
a card with an arrow on it that says spell - storing arrow
[OC] Spell-Storing Arrow - 3/100
[OC] Spell-Storing Arrow - 3/100 : DnD
a card with an arrow and some writing on it
an image of different types of arrows
the different types of arrows are shown in this drawing technique, which shows how to use them
four different arrows are shown in this graphic style, including one with an arrow and the other
[ART] Magic Arrows
[ART] Magic Arrows : DnD
the different types of arrows are shown in this graphic style, and each arrow has an arrow
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