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#Underwater #adventures are one of my favorite things.

glitched helvetica. Making a 'perfect' typeface slightly imperfect. I see this as clear information being distorted, changed and manipulated by digital technological means. Once a handmade typeface is digitally corrupted. I'm going to experiment with this, maybe create a typeface around this. It even could be made into the project's main logo/title.

I came across some delightful sculptures from artist Ryan Johnson that got me pretty excited. I'm very interested by these playful characters, full of dignified humor despite an almost laughably pathetic appearance. These guys remind me a little bit of Ed Kienholz's work too, which is

Go to to see more melted crayon works! Show off your game day pride by placing this exploding piece in your man cave! Made entirely out of melted crayon. Go Hawks! 16"X20" FYI: $115 for logo, $160 for football player. Would be $275 but if bundled together it will be $250. Just message me on facebook!

negative space logo

geometrisch: vierkanten, rechthoeken, cirjeks, blokkeren, cilinders, bollen

Design Inspiration 21 - UltraLinx

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Floral mountains #illustrator #illustration #design #sketch #drawing #draw…

We will rise again #illustration #illustrator #design #sketch #draw #drawing…