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people are sitting at tables in an outdoor dining area with plants and lights on the ceiling
Gallow Green. Gorgeous cocktail bar - New York, NY, United States
a man standing behind a bar with greenery on it
Wedding Faves for 2015 | What's Trending? - Perfete
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a wooden table next to limes
Mint and Passion Fruit Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe - Katiecakes
Mint-passionfruit cocktails Koby Bar Yehuda for kbydesigns www.kbydesigns.com
a room with chairs, tables and lights hanging from the ceiling in front of it
Bistro Brioche
The new project of the restaurant №2 on Behance
two glasses filled with pink liquid and flowers
Rose and Tarragon Gin Lemonade - Heather Christo
This cocktail is all about the late Spring garden. I used my first full blooming rose for this cocktail- (isn’t it pretty!!) and the beautiful lacy green tarrag
an indoor restaurant with tables and chairs covered in plants on the ceiling, along with hanging lights
Restaurants With Striking Ceiling Designs
Зеленый Новый ресторан в Ход ха-Шарон, Израиль