light bulbs

Light Blubs are a series of crystal lamps, designed by Pieke Bergmans, in cooperation with Royal Crystal Leerdam

Light bulbs by Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans. Part of her on-going Design Virus series, Light Blubs are hand-blown crystal light bulbs containing LEDs.

It would be so much fun to have these lighting pendants in a corner of a bedroom lighting up an armchair for the occasional read.

Phenomenon neon lights by Pieke Bergmans

Dutch Design Week Pieke Bergmans uses glass-blowing techniques to form irregularly-shaped neon lamps, which she claims to be the first of their kind

'Triplo', by Pierre Charpin, 2003,

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'Triplo', by Pierre Charpin, made of blown glass and elastic. Courtesy of Pierre Charpin Studio, Paris.

Phenomenon neon lights by Pieke Bergmans

Amsterdam designer Pieke Bergmans used traditional glass-blowing techniques to form these neon lamps with uneven tubes.

The structure schematic diagram of the vane extruder