Bikes from buttons, wire and paperclips

DIY Button Bikes Such a cute idea for all those buttons you've collected multiples of. good idea for my Spin class buddies!

Straaplaten voor kleuters A3, recht en bocht, , road for preschool, free printable.

Straatplaten voor kleuters, recht en bocht / road for preschool, free printable

Schrijfpatroon vliegen maar! voor kleuters, thema vliegtuig, juf Petra van kleuteridee, preschool writing pattern aeroplane, free printable.

Write Pattern fly it! for preschoolers, theme airplane, Miss Petra nursery idea, preschool writing pattern airplane, free printable.

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw an Airplane. Print friendly PDF file available to download.

How to Draw an Airplane (Art Projects for Kids)

Airplane maze

Complex maze works on hand-eye coordination, decision making, and task completion.