3 Panel Giraffe String Art Tutorial

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Creative DIY String Art Project Ideas Panel Giraffe String Art What string looks like to an artist.

wohnzimmer wandgestaltung mit bildern ordnung reihenfolge

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Fun idea for well-traveled couples. Use a map of the city, a photo, or series of photos in the background. Cut out location name from a solid sheet of paper and lay over backdrop. Then fill box with bits from the trip. The growing collection would add a lot of color, fun, and conversation to any room!

Shadow box your travel itinerary - ticket stubs, currency, maps, pictures. What a fabulous idea to do with all of your travel memorabilia, make awesome diy wall art!

Wood & Wire art display...

DIY Wood and Wire Art display

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would love to try this with my kids' old clothes, and use the to display pictures of them.