Nail a large round basket to the wall and put a cozy blanket inside -- Instant Pet Bed!

Wondrous Wednesday's, the DIY Magpie

Not sure about mounting up high but a cute idea. "A diy cat project so easy even the laziest of pinners can do it TONIGHT in less than 10 minutes! Wicker basket + folded up blanket = BOOM! Instant private kitty oasis perfect for escaping annoying humans"

Kattenhuis: krabpaal, kattentoilet en mandje in één.

Is your cat's litter box a stinky eyesore, no matter how much you clean it? Get creative with these DIY solutions to hide your cat's litter box.

DIY Hanging Sisal Scratching Post    **Cats SO happy!**

Make your own hanging sisal scratching post with sisal rope, a wooden board, and wood glue!

How To Make A Simple DIY Cat Tent With A T-shirt & Two Hangers | DIY Tag

Want to know how to make your very own DIY cat tent? If you want to give your fur ball a place he or she can call its own, then this DIY pet project is for you. Find out how you can make a cat tent with just a