Illustrate elements of art on wood sticks.

I had my people decorate tongue depressors and put them together with fringe on the bottom. V good craft with icecreem stick

Cardboard Circle Weaving With Kids. Fun recycled yarn art!

Cardboard Circle Weaving With Kids. Combine fine motor practice and art in this really cool activity. Quick and easy to set up. Get all the directions at: www.

Teaching Blog Addict: end of the year art project. I want to do this with my own kids. I love it.

End of the Year Art Project

A great thing about this project is it is JUST acrylic paint black Sharpies (love me some Sharpies) and scrap booking paper (Oh, and prepared canvases, Modge Podge and a Cricut machine) I think the last 3 items add a little cost

How To Sunshine Paper Plate Yarn Weave

Sunshine Yarn Weaving

Now that summer is in full bloom with Summer Solstice, we’re taking in it’s warmth by making some fun yarn weavings in the shape of a sun. The sun is shining, even here in Seattle, so that is cause for celebration with this hot.