MERCURY GLASS Fill mercury vases with baby’s breath (yes, it’s back in style) or other white flowers to add height and texture to tables.

8 Winter Wedding Decor Trends You Can Plan for Now

Finding the right décor for a winter wedding is stressful. How do you keep it elegant without a Frosty the Snowman vibe? Here, 8 winter wedding trends.

Zo leuk, foto van vroeger bij de Toiletten

Funny Idea: Place old pictures of the bride and groom on the door of the bathrooms. It’ll give the guests something to laugh about. I would use old pictures of us in the bathroom haha

Met echt Bloemen !  Voor bij de raam , voor een speciaal gelegenheid, feest enz.

DIY Hanging Flower Ball, love this, simple enough for a cute DIY wedding isle decoration *love this with green and purple flowers though**

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