Swing from an empty shoe box

Swing from an empty shoe box. Paint the shoebox, add the rope and "child", scoot it up so no strain on the swing when adding other things in box. After kids empty box, they find one last treasure. I love it!

personal silhouette-- this would be neat for the first week of school. Line up photographs underneath and have students guess which picture goes with each silhouette. Interactive bulletin board!

Love this art project idea. Must try to share with our art teacher, or do myself with the kids. Reverse Silhouette Self Portrait idea. From Grade Art with Mrs.

Pos/Neg Space Lesson. One of the fundamental things students need to understand about art is how to work with positive and negative space, and this lesson offers one way to teach them about it.

Lesson One- contour line drawing of still life Lesson Two-Pos/Neg Space Lesson- fill negative space with line designs/zentangles/op art

Neighborhood collage

Love the sculptural element in this art project. Good way to use fore, middle, and background, too!

Typographic Illustration- Cut text portrait collage

High School Typographic Illustration- Cut text portrait collage example, no tutorial

I am poems, open house, adjectives, traits, the list goes on and on and on!

cut out silhouette of child, glue magazine describing words.so fun for adjectives

Vergroten van een stukje van je tekening.

awesome idea for incorporating visual arts into a science lesson / unit!


Swan Reflections Art Lesson This art lesson can be used for grade and up. This is a great lesson in symmetry for the upper grades.

Keith Haring - Beeld (eventueel ook drama/bewegingsexpressie)

This project is a keeper! I love the artwork of Keith Haring, who started making chalk drawings in subways in New York City subways.